🎼 Nara Ekele Mo lyrics (Ikuku amana) by Dr Paul Enenche ft Osinachi Nwachukwu mp3

In the potent track nara ekele mo (Ikuku amana eh), Pastor Paul Eneche features the Dunamis chanteuse in addition to his amazing and talented vocalist Mrs. Osinachi. Nara Ekele by Osinachi

The well-known man of God who is General Overseer and the founding pastor of Dunamis International Church has made significant contributions to the Gospel music sector. He has had a huge impact on how people thank and adore God. Nara Ekele by Paul Enenche Lyrics

Nara Ekele mo by Osinachi (Ikuku amana) mp3

Ikuku amana lyrics

Ikuku amana lyrics mp3

[Verse ] 2X
Ikuku amana onya eh .
Nwanne otu onye.
Isiyi nke ndu.
Nara kele mo .

Oke osisi na enye ndu
Osimiri ata-ata.
Onye nzo puta.
Nara ekele m’o .

[Refrain] 2X
Nara ekele.
Nara otito m’o.
Nare ekele, ekele, ekele
NarE kele m’o

Aka na agbaji igwe
Aka ji uwa
Oke mmiri na ebu Ogwe
Nara ekele m’o

Agbanwe Agbanwe
Odogwu Akatata .
Oku na Ere ere.
Nara ekele m’o.

Nara Ekele mo by Osinachi

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Meaning of Nara Ekele by Paul Enenche Lyrics

The wind that cannot be trapped
Brother/Friend to the lonely
Fountain of Life
Accept my praise

Mighty Life-giving Tree
River that never runs dry
The Saviour
Accept my praise

Accept my praise
Accept my worship
Accept my praise, my praise, my praise
Receive my praise

What is the meaning of Nara ekele?
What is the meaning of Nara ekele?

Nara ekele literaly means Accept my praise as in Pastor paul enchie ft Dunamis Voice International and Osinachi Nwachukwu. Read on to know the meaning of all the lyrics in the song…

Nara Ekele mo lyrics meaning.
What is the meaning of Nara ekele?

1. Ikuku amana onya eh-Mighty Life-giving Tree
2. Nwanne otu onye- River that never runs dry
3. Isiyi nke ndu- The Saviour Accept my praise
4. Nara ekele m’o- Accept my praise
5. Nara otito m’o- Accept my worship.
6. Aka na agbaji igwe- The Hand that breaks iron
7.Aka ji uwa- The Hand that holds the world
8. Oke mmiri na ebu Ogwe- The Flood that sweeps away the bridge

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